Ohakk 2 Consults is one of Ghana most respected specialised management consulting firm. We provide unrivalled expertise many areas including Performance Appraisal, Investment Solutions, Technical Services and Talent Management.

Ohakk 2 Consults offers comprehensive range of urban and rural business consultancy and regeneration services to both private and public sector clients. We have a proven track record of taking business ideas and making them happen. Ohakk 2 Consults has emerged as a business consulting house conceived as a platform for rendering specialized consulting service

We operates on the principle that our clients are the best served by a team of carefully selected professionals. Under this team building philosophy, each professional consultant brings a mature set of skills to complement the project. The benefits of this approach include:

*Highly professional technical backgrounds, carefully matched to client and project needs

*A personal commitment to quality by every project participant

Mission Statement:

Provide highest quality consultancy based on best practice and proven methodology of satisfying our clients.


We believe that our clients deserve qualities such as honesty, integrity, quality and respect.

Core Philosophy:

Ohakk's core philosophy is built around a sparing and measured approach to projects and project management. Our job is to cost effectively help our clients identify and remove risk from projects while progressively graduating projects through a series of milestones and decision points.

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